SamRay Productions was created in 2011 by director of photography, editor and writer, Samantha Rachel Smith. After graduating from college and working as a film industry freelancer, Samantha decided to combine her experience in all stages production with her diverse knowledge of equipment and editing technology to form her own production company. Depending on the scale of the project, Samantha either works solo or with her trusted and talented crew. 

Using top-of-the-line, camera, lighting, audio and editing equipment, SamRay Productions obtains professional results and high production value without a high cost. We provide every phase of production and can work with you from the fist day of planning through the final cut, or just contribute a single step. You may be as involved in the process as you see fit. SamRay Productions will bring your distinct creative vision to life, or assist you in developing that vision as a team.

SamRay Productions aims to bridge the gap between producer and client to form a partnership. We will collaborate with you to achieve the highest possible quality regardless of your budget.